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  • Mar 29 2015

    What Defines a Project as On Mission?

    For me this question gained some clarity close to two years ago, when my son was born. The birth of a child brings a lot of things into focus. The time I spend at work has become precious because I have less of it, and that has made me scrutinize what parts are really worth doing. More »

  • Mar 4 2015

    A More Sustainable Future Built With Real Time Insight From Connected Devices

    The Internet age has so revolutionized the way we live, that it can be hard to remember how young the Internet is. The first search engine, Archie, was invented in 1990. Napster, the first peer-to-peer file sharing system, originated in 1999. Facebook...

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  • Mar 3 2015

    Welcome Lisa, David, Mark & Todd to Green River

    The mood is celebratory at Green River! We are excited to announce the addition of Lisa Marie Smith, David Houghton, Todd Blackman, and Mark McGraw to our team. When new people join us, they bring not only new skills, but their experiences and perspectives...

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