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We define startups as both new and mature, social and business, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a new idea or an established business pushing into new territory, Green River’s role is to take you from prediction to production.

Green River has been around for two decades—old in software-years—and it is vital to maintain the energy and innovation of new thinking. One of the ways we do this is by working on a number of startup projects every year in which we start with the blank canvas of a need and then write your software “from scratch” to meet that need. There is so much more in these projects than software engineering: patents, licensing, business planning, fundraising, building the technical team, and on and on. The soul of software development has always been entrepreneurial and we see ourselves as stewards of this tradition. As such, we want to help others avoid the pitfalls and grab the opportunities in which we are well versed.

For some of our early-stage clients, there is a lack of clarity about “how to get there from here.” We have been in this entrepreneurial landscape long enough to have developed protocols for building momentum and results in planning, sequencing, testing, and refining. From very early stage financing (friends and family); to large, grant-driven ventures at the state-level; to R&D departments of multinational firms, our goal is to allow you to take the excellence of your software for granted so you can focus on the myriad other challenges of the new launch. Innovation takes creativity and courage. Green River is your partner in the (ad)venture.

Michael And Ulrich On The River

Green River, helping keep clients’ heads above water for 20 years.