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diagram of environmental cycle of stewardship

Software for environmental stewardship means profitability

The degradation of our planet's ecosystem, and its inability to support an exploding human population, is at the core of the challenges we face today. Our contributions to the environment have focused primarily on supply chain certification and green building. The systems we design and build are used to assess environmental, social and governance metrics, collecting performance data and generating business intelligence. We benchmark performance of organizations within a sector and guide it through a continuous improvement process. We are fluent in the language of standards and ratings (e.g. LEED, Energy Star, GRESB, GRI, Fair Trade, ISO, B Corporation, CAFE Practices). Our work doesn’t stop with regulatory compliance, awards and recognition—our tools provide data that is financially critical to an organization’s larger mission. We’re at an incredible moment in the evolution of capitalism where the investment community’s priorities are aligning with a new economy’s objectives of efficiency, transparency, equity, and sustainability.