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Green River sees sustainability intelligence—using data to make and justify good decisions—as the means for organizational transformation.

Every sector and industry has standards and certifications. We build metrics-driven software that identifies, prioritizes, and tracks progress to your goals—as well as using that work to improve outcomes beyond the sector.


complex data

Data without analysis is not enough. But even analysis isn’t enough—we use machine learning that focuses on a process of continuous improvement. This is what drives doing well and doing good.

Applied Data

Extracting Insight and
meaning from data

There is a plethora of software out there that promises everything. We make only one promise: to build exactly the right software with you—engaging our team of software engineers, interface designers, and UX professionals.

Software Development

Programming, testing, and
delivering top-shelf software

We define startups as both new and mature, social and business, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Whether you’re a rebel upstart or an established business pushing into new territory, we’ll take you from prediction to production.

Early Startups

Getting brilliant ideas
off the ground

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Our Interests

We are firmly committed to the environment and social justice, and see our clients as genuine collaborative partners in making the world a better place. We focus our work on environmental protection, school improvement, public health for those in need, and building social service centered around the individual.






Social Service


Public Health

Our Methods

How we work
Green River uses a powerful methodology that emphasizes collaboration, open communication, and flexibility throughout a project's lifecycle.


Quality code depends on effective communication

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Gr Agile

Getting brilliant ideas
off the ground

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User Experience

Design decisions based on customer perspectives

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Our Technology

Programming, testing, and delivering top-shelf software

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Our Platforms

Software as a Service (SaaS) Subscription Offerings

For communities that utilize multiple HMIS installations, the In Door combines detailed client information in one web-based application. The In Door Warehouse consumes information from any number of HMIS data sources, merges and de-duplicates records, and provides an easy way to access a client's comprehensive service history, view statistics, run reports, and monitor data quality. In Door is a tool that facilitates matching individuals with housing opportunities, and supports the intra-agency communication necessary for successful move-in. As a stand-alone system, or tightly integrated within HMIS, In Door brings structure and efficiency to an often complicated process.