Ian Kozak

Recommender Systems for Social Impact

A fair portion of our work, especially in the areas of education, school improvement, and sustainability analytics, involve systems designed primarily to assess – to collect data on something's or someone's performance, and then present analysis....

Ian Kozak

Sustainability Intelligence

We've settled on a new descriptor for our core business: Sustainability Intelligence. We actually like to think we coined the phrase, but in an exciting sort of convergent evolution, the field, and the moniker, are on the rise worldwide.


Green River Staff

Business Intelligence for Everyone

In the next five years, we’ll generate more data as humankind than we generated in the previous 5,000” - Eron Kelly, 20121

“Big data,” has been a technological buzzword for nearly a decade now. Its importance has grown with the significance...

Mark McCraw

What Defines a Project as On Mission?

For me this question gained some clarity close to two years ago, when my son was born. The birth of a child brings a lot of things into focus. The time I spend at work has become precious because I have less of it, and that has made me scrutinize...