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Vermont State Procurement

Our state, like many governmental bureaucracies, struggles with technology. Vermont may have a relatively tiny population, but it exists in the 21st century, and needs systems to support its operations and serve its people. What's troubling is the...

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Recommender Systems for Social Impact

A fair portion of our work, especially in the areas of education, school improvement, and sustainability analytics, involve systems designed primarily to assess – to collect data on something's or someone's performance, and then present analysis....

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Sustainability Intelligence

We've settled on a new descriptor for our core business: Sustainability Intelligence. We actually like to think we coined the phrase, but in an exciting sort of convergent evolution, the field, and the moniker, are on the rise worldwide.


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Business Intelligence for Everyone

In the next five years, we’ll generate more data as humankind than we generated in the previous 5,000” - Eron Kelly, 20121

“Big data,” has been a technological buzzword for nearly a decade now. Its importance has grown with the significance...